Three Years of Blogging

Today marks the third year of this blog. Back when I started, WordPress version 1.5 was brand new, and I wanted to try managing a site with something other than my hand-rolled Perl applications. Since then, my involvement with WordPress has grown; I now work full-time as a web developer, and I spend most of my time on WordPress projects.

Thanks to this blog, for years I’ve been the Internet’s #1 “filosofo.” Unfortunately I haven’t been blogging as much as I would like. Because much of my work has tended recently to be about WordPress-related subjects, a couple of months ago I started a blog all about WordPress, and I’ve posted there more regularly. My work on my PhD in philosophy has been slowed, due largely to the need to feed and house my two children. I can’t imagine life without them now; three years ago, I couldn’t imagine being a parent.

I have a decent amount of traffic, but as it’s been for years, most of it is for my WordPress plugins. Curiously, the most frequent search term that brings people here is “Charlie Brown,” because of a post about Sam from a year and a half ago.

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