New WordPress Plugin: Remember Attachment Link Preferences

I wrote this plugin to deal with a common complaint from my clients: when uploading pictures in WordPress and sending them to the editor, one has to repeatedly re-select how the image should appear. In the case of the screenshot below, I checked “Show: Full size” and “Link to: Page.” This can get tedious if you have to upload a bunch of images. This plugin remembers your settings for the next time you upload.


The upload preferences


Remember Attachment Link Preferences 1.0 | October 30, 2007


  1. Download and unzip this plugin.
  2. Put the

    file in your /wp-content/plugins/ directory, and activate it.
  3. That’s all!


If you have any complaints, questions, or suggestions concerning this plugin, please leave a comment below, send me an email at (located at) gmail (dot) com or open a ticket in my support forum.

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  1. So I take it no way yet exists to attach more than one file (not image) at a time to a post or Page? At least I haven’t found one. I have 3 years’ worth of monthly uploads stored locally in 3 folders (72 in all) that I need to link to one of my WP Pages and uploading them one at a time through WP is something less than state-of-the-art…

  2. this so totally rocks up wordpress. great contribution!

  3. I just installed this for wordpress 2.5.1 and it doesn’t seem to be doing anything =(

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