Pumpkin Rice Crispies

Pumpkin Rice Crispies

No doubt Martha Stewart’s envious, but here’s an idea I had for a recent gathering. Rice crispy treats with a little food coloring (a ratio of 3 yellow drops to 1 red for the orange), half a fruit loop for the stem (my wife’s idea), and voilà! Festive fall pumpkin treats. They were met with coos of “cute” from the women, and few leftovers remained.


  1. OK, men: At the count of 3, we go in, wrestle I.F. to the ground, bind him and duct-tape his mouth, and rescue him from his captivity in Estrogenia. He’s way past Stockholm Syndrome. Mistah Kurtz, he domesticated.

  2. Hey, some of us are confident in our masculinity.


  4. i love the stem/the whole idea is great.
    i already told melita congratulations, but — same to you!

  5. we LIKE him domesticated. besides, SOMEONE has to cook in that household ;o) and what ELSE is a guy getting his phD in philosophy supposed to do all day? gimme a break (and pass the rice crispy treats!)

  6. Yeah, yeah. I know. I’m completely lost in the kitchen, despite the talents of my mother and grandmother in that area. Trust me, I tried. But after several catastrophes, we decided my husband would be the king in the kitchen, and he enjoys it. I’d rather scrub bathrooms than cook a meal anyway.

    By the way, we discovered during one of my kitchen capers that Austin is lightning quick with a fire extinguisher.

    And as for what he does all day? He reads. How else do you think he got so smart? :-)

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